Antonio Giani

Founder and Creator of Tequila

Several years after the inception of the idea of creating, a world renowned Raspberry Tequila, Antonio Giani founder and creator, was able to do just that. A fine Silver Tequila infused with natural raspberries. La Roja is the only raspberry infused Tequila on the market! It’s a 100% Agave spirit that’s not sweet but SMOOTH satisfying perfection. Our Tequila is a fine top shelf import from Guadalajara Mexico.
La ROJA means “the red one”…and contains 35% alcohol refined to a 70 proof “all natural” delicious full bodied “TRAGO” or drink.
La Roja’s beautiful exotic color and bottle design compliment any bar, event, or private collection. Our raspberry infused Silver Tequila has been proven very flexible amoung various mixologists. It’s great mixed, straight, or chilled on the rocks. Flavorful, natural,refreshing, but most of all enjoyable.
What a great new experience for the consumers palate. There’s no doubt that our berry, gluten-free Tequila will be asked for by name and be held to the highest regard amoungst the industries best!
Enjoy a sip or two around family and friends and “you be the judge”
Antonio Giani

Antonio Giani

Son of Italian immigrants, born and raised in Brooklyn New York and Philadelphia, PA. Antonio (Tony) is an engineer by degree and accomplished artist. Moved to California early 1960’s and worked in research and development before starting his own construction company.


Tony now lives in Baja California Mexico with his wife Marion. He is a celebrated oil painter!
He barrels Tequila as a hobby, and has become very creative in the process of aging Tequilas !