The One and Only LA ROJA

The One and Only was born from years of research, experience and creativity.

The One and Only Raspberry Tequila is a “First of its kind!”
It stands alone as an all natural berry infusion, with no added color and no preservatives.

The One and Only Tequila brings it’s full body to the palate with a super smooth delivery and a satisfying soft oak finish.

Raspberries: A Berry Beneficial Fruit

Raspberries are known for their vibrant color, exotic taste and an abundance of dietary fiber that supports overall wellness. With one of the highest fiber contents and a rich source of vitamins, raspberries support an overall balanced diet.

* Have 2.4x the total polyphenol content and 2.8x the in vitro antioxidant capacity of red grapes.

* Are an excellent source of manganese (>20% Daily Value)

* Contain ellagitannins, under research for anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer agents

* Are an excellent source of Vitamin C and a good source of Vitamin K

* Raspberries are Gluten Free.